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Exclusive Brewery Show: Upslope Brewery Showcase

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A quartet of Upslopers (Upslopians?) offer glimpses of daily life at a brewery.  Tap Room Manager Chad Pieper finds the  personality pint profile eerily accurate.  Marketing Manager Katie Hill effectively ends the cans versus bottles debate: "You can't shotgun a bottle". Boulder Sales Manager Jack Walsh talks about the communal nature of craft brewers in and around East Boulder.  Brewer Sam Scruby cautions brewers that process is as important to quality as ingredients.  We also debate the merits of lager as the future of craft beer and preview the Global Craft Beer Festival.

Remembering Jack Joyce, National Homebrewers Conference

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Remembering Rogue Brewing founder and craft beer pioneer, Jack Joyce: Brewers Association C.O.O. Bob Pease joins us to share stories and remembrances.  How does religion color your view of craft beer?  Our beer trail segment features East Boulder County and 12 Degree Brewing.   Julia Herz with the Brewers Association gets us ready for the AHA National Homebrewers Conference.  Port Brewing and Left Hand Brewing beers get reviewed.