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The Fall Seasonal Show

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Casey and Connor prepare for the imminent onslaught of fall seasonals.  Great American Beer Fest preparations begin.  How the craft beer community creates a sense of ownership.  Connor admits his guilty pleasure beer and bores Casey with talk of ancient Myanmarian yeast strains.  The industry spotlight features Tommy Berry with FIFTY/FIFTY growlers.  A current Seattle Mariners ace is featured on This Day In Baseball History while Detroit ranks as the most expensive football stadium to buy a beer in.  Miller Light is reviewed. 

The Beer Fest Show

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We discuss the trajectory of beer festivals.  Ryan Wieczorek of Vegas Beverage Group and Barret O'Brien of O'Brien Rugby/Glendale Beer Fest bring perspective to some new generation beer fests.  Brewers Association Craft Beer Program Director Julia Herz breaks down some positive mid-year craft beer numbers.  Additionally: Beer Camp Across America Recap, Denver beer fest attendees are one of three 'Twits of the Week', Casey recaps a Colorado collaboration and Walter O'Malley is featured on this day in baseball history.