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Holiday Pairing’s

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Celebrating Thanksgiving and craft beer's connection to the holidays.  Author Patrick Dawson offers beer pairing advice for Thanksgiving.  Left Hand's Chainsaw Ale and Humboldt's Nectar IPA are reviewed.  Deb Cameron previews the collaborative events Barley's Angels has scheduled in December.  Craig Singleton's new home brew shop, Brew 'N Que, pairs education and barbeque supplies with home brew equipment.  "Whats On Tap" gets you caught up on upcoming craft beer events.

Now Pouring…

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Spencer O'Bryan and Brennan Mann discuss the process of starting Fermaentra.  Fermaentra Brewing officially opens November 15.  CEO and Founder of Tivoli Brewing Co., Corey Marshall talks about the future plans for his brewery and moving in to its original home, the Tivoli building on the campus of MSU Denver.  Peak To Peak Tap Room opens November 14, Owners Joy and Gordon McKennon's dicourse mostly just centers on 80's arcade games.